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Yoga, fitness, pilates- Helena Everdell on her business & classes at Little Acre Kitchen, Saint Ives

Hi Helena, thanks for taking time out to answer our questions. Our first supplier feature on the blog!

We’d like to get to know a little more about you, and what classes you offer?

My pleasure, thank you for having me :) 

Well, once upon a time, I trained as contemporary dancer at Northern Ballet in Leeds, dancing with some super cool Northern companies and choreographers and learning from some incredible performance artists. I also did a degree in Dance at Leeds University which covered mostly performance and philosophy but a little bit of anatomy, which really caught my attention and left me wanting to  learn more.  This  is when I decided to become a personal trainer for professional dancers! I loved performing but unfortunately I had been hit with far too many injuries to make a long successful career of it, so I did my Level 3 Personal Trainer Diploma in Manchester and naturally, the more you learn, the more you want to keep learning  so my Pilates and Yoga Diploma’s shortly followed! I now offer; Classes in; Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Spin + Indoor cycling, fitness classes, small group personal training and one to one training! 

Pilates- is this a one for all kind of course or for all levels?

My Pilates classes are most definitely for all levels, they are suitable for anyone who is recovering from an injury to anyone wanting to get stronger and fitter or loose a little weight! I teach 2-3 progressive variations of each exercise and give my clients the option as to how they wish to challenge themselves, but I really encourage my clients to master the foundations of the exercise before moving onto the progressions. Pilates is a great class for working with imbalances, weaknesses and injuries in the body as we tend to work muscle groups in isolation (abs/ glutes/ arms) and use mainly our body weight to  train the muscles, however my classes are also perfect for anyone looking to add a little extra challenge and control to their weekly schedule of training or for anyone looking to get in a good workout in a low impact way! 

How regularly do you hold the class?

 I hold my Pilates class at Little Acre every Monday evening at 6pm!

Yoga- how long have you been teaching? 

I started practicing yoga when I started training at Northern ballet, it was part of our curriculum and we did it every Thursday, a whole 2 hours. At first I struggled, it was slow and calm and I found it really hard to get in to, but I found a style and class for me and it soon became my favourite 2 hours of the week!  It was a great way to supplement my dancing and care for my body,  yoga strengthened my body, stretched my muscles but most importantly gave me a little head space and the ability to relax. I did my 200 hour teacher training in 2015 with the added extra of a 500 hour hot yoga diploma, it was the most immersive and intriguing period of time, I learnt so much about myself, my mental and physical abilities but most importantly during this course, I made the most incredible friends who I now work with in events and retreats. I have been teaching Yoga for nearly 4 years now and it is my favourite class to teach as it allows for so much individuality and interpretation and every class feels like a small community and I feel so lucky to be able to teach it. 

What classes do you recommend for reducing stress & anxiety?

I recommend any classes you find fun, something you look forward to rather than dread! That could be a dance class, a kick boxing class or a netball training session, anything you enjoy! But of course, both yoga and pilates are great ways to begin reducing stress and anxiety! Yoga is particularly special as it teaches us ways to cope with the symptoms of stress and anxiety through breathing techniques and mediations, we also move through our physical practice from posture to posture using the breath. This encourages the mind to connect with the body, to focus, to move slower, think slower and breath slower, to find some space. Yoga is a great way to not only challenge your body physically and have a bit of fun balancing and stretching, but to also relax, all my classes are taught to music so you can really let go, leave your day behind you and just immerse yourself in the practice, I also I finish every class with a guided meditation and savasana ( a little lie down!) so you feel super chilled when you roll up your mat!

Do you have any other plans within the Little Acre café?

I do yes! I am planning to add a weekly yoga class and a monthly Friday night yoga class followed by a few social drinks at the cafe where we can discuss anything from handstands to weddings, I will keep you posted ! 

Little Pablo, not so little anymore! We’ve heard about dog yoga? Could you tell us a little more about this? 

He is growing up too fast ! Yes, crazy isn’t it, dog yoga?! Its a 4 week course starting on Saturday 16th March 9am-10am at Normans Dog Day Care in Over, if its popular then we will look at making it permanent! It’s pretty much a little bit of fun, allowing owners to practice with their dogs and share the benefits of yoga. The ‘plan' is to teach owners a little bit of doggy massage, some breathing techniques  and to go through a little yoga flow together with the aim of finishing with a class full of calm humans and pups.. but we shall see, the last pilot class we did we all ended up swapping dogs, a few wet puddles (from the dogs!) and in fits of laughter, but however the plan goes it will be good fun! 

What are your plans for Helena Yoga Fitness?

I have big plans for my wee business! I am looking at adding another 2 classes to my current timetable in the St Ives area, 1 yoga and 1 pilates!  I’m also going to be hosting some seasonal yoga workshops that will be accompanied by delicious food and drink and special monthly yoga classes where we can have a little fun going deeper into the practice and trying new stuff out which can’t be done in some of my bigger classes. I also have plans for hen do events, bridal bootcamps and female fitness classes. Again, I will keep you posted ;) 

Thanks Helena!

Stay tuned with Helena over on her social channels and see about getting yourself to one of her classes!